Millimetrica can design various optoelectronic systems on demand.

An example of our experiences are broadband optical links for RF measurement, antenna testing, GPS L1 carrier (1575,42 MHz) and metrology signals transfer (10 MHz/ 1PPS). A typical schematic drawing is submitted at picture 1, in which an optoelectronic link based on laser source and /photodiode is used to transfer an OFDM signal through a monomode fiber optic link (1550 nm/ 1310 nm).

The whole spectral mask can be trasferred via fiber optic over relatively long distances (Km) with negligible losses while maintaining all the original features and information.There are significant benefits in using this technique, for instance when a traditional coaxial cable connection would increase excessively the signal losses or when the source must be isolated from the receiver, avoiding common ground. A monomodal optical link allows typically 0.20 dB loss/Km at 1550 nm and 0.40 dB/Km at 1310 nm.

There could be many version depending from the RF input parameters. Please contact Millimetrica at for further information. We can also submit EW optical test systems on demand