MIL DAB/T-DMB ITS is a multi signal generator (up to 6 carriers), concepted to perform IMD testing to DAB/ T-DMB receiver or amplifiers on VHF or SHF band.
The equipment is based on 6 independent signal generators controlled by an industrial PC and an active power combiner, allowing to build an RF pattern (1 to 6 channels), as shown in the pitcture at right. The carriers amplitude can be separately adjusted by the internal programmable attenuator (0 to -120 dB), handled by the keyboard or the external mouse.
Each channel can modulated by an E.T.I. file chargeable by USB or the internal HD. The internal modulator allows CW or OFDM/ D-QPSK.
The power combiner, includes separate switched amplifiers and output connectors for each frequency band (VHF - SHF).
This features makes the systems ideal for broadcasters, receiver manufaturers, center of research and scientific applications.