MIL OPTO EW series is an optoelectronic test system developed to to check EW aircraft sensors, typ. for direction finders applications, allowing dynamic test (sensitivity), cross talk, walk around test up 8 channels or more. It can be used for R&D sensors, A.T.E., A.G.E., maintenance and EW Scenario Simulators (EWSS) applications.
It can be delivered with an internal pulse generator or by using an external customer equipment, accepting wide range of pused modulation (variable pulse lenght, duty cycle and P.R.F), featuring fast rise/fall time (about 5 nS). An internal fast switch allows the user to control each channel manually or by remote interface (GPIB). The system can be customized in several optical lambda and different power range. All specifications can be achieved upon Not Disclosure Agreement sign.

Typ. schematic block diagram and application